One person writes on a large paper, another person stands next to it and looks at the paper with a pen in his hand.

Moderna Museet’s Youth Council 2020. Photo: Jessica Eldenstjärna/Moderna Museet

2.2 2021

The first year of Moderna Museet’s Youth Council

Moderna Museet’s Youth Council was launched in early 2020 to invite young people to give feedback on the Museum’s activities, and to include their ideas in the activities, with the aim of ultimately attracting more young people to Moderna Museet. Despite the extraordinary circumstances of the pandemic in 2020, the Youth Council met eight times, either digitally or physically.

The Council got to know the Museum and was invited to give feedback on exhibitions, texts, the Museum’s digital media channels. A summary of the meetings is available in Swedish here: Rapport Moderna Museets ungdomsråd 2020 (pdf).

The participants were of upper secondary school age, 16 to 20 years old.

Based on the Youth Council’s preferences, we hope to organise a film night, a book club or other events for young people at Moderna Museet in 2021. Several participants will continue as members of the Council during the spring term 2021.

The Youth Council is managed by Ylva Hillström, curator of learning, together with the art educators Jessica Eldenstjärna and Adam Wallenberg.

Published 2 February 2021 · Updated 8 February 2021