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The Film Club

Films and discussions


The Film Club features films and discussions. See films on the boundary between art and documentary. Often, the artist or director will take part in discussions after the screenings. Welcome!
Programme: The Film Club

Autumn 2023

Friday 6 Oktober 17.30-20

This World is Not My Own (97 min, 2023)
by Marquise Stillwell and Petter Ringbom
Zita Folkets Bio, Birger Jarlsgatan 37, Stockholm

The evening starts with drinks, after the screening the film’s director Petter Ringbom talks to Moderna Museet’s Camilla Carlberg.

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Spring 2023

Tuesday 2 May 18-19.45

E-Ticket (13 min. 2019)
Signal 8 (14 min. 2019)
-force- (9 min. 2020)
Happy Valley (13 min. 2020)
Devil’s Peak (30 min. 2022)
by Simon Liu (New York, Hongkong)
The Cinema, floor 2

After the film screenings, Simon Liu will join us from in a video talk with Benjamin Gerdes, Senior Lecturer at the Royal Institute of Arts.

Friday 10 March 2023 at 18-20

Foragers (64 min, 2022)
by Jumana Manna
The Cinema, floor 2

After the film screening, Jumana Manna will join us from Berlin, in a video talk with Moderna Museet’s curator Hendrik Folkerts.

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In collaboration with the Tempo Documentary Festival

Friday 27 January at 18-20

One Image, Two Acts (48 min, 2020)
by Sanaz Sohrabi (Canada, Iran)
Subtotals (15 min, 2021)
by Mohammadreza Farzad (Iran)
Cinema Rex: A Story of Fire and Projection (ca 25 min, 2017) – Lecture-performance
by Azin Feizabadi
The Cinema, floor 2

Poet and writer Athena Farrokhzad opens the screening with a poetry reading.

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Autumn 2022

Friday 25 November at 18-20

Cy Dear (90 min, 2019)
by Andrea Bettinetti
The Auditorium, floor 2

After the screening, the film’s director Andrea Bettinetti and its producer Michele Bongiorno will take part in a public talk facilitated by Elisabeth Millqvist, director of Moderna Museet Malmö.

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Friday 21 October at 16.30-20

Mato Seco em Chamas (Dry Ground Burning)(153 min, 2022)
by Joana Pimenta & Adirley Queirós
The Cinema, floor 2

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Friday 7 October at 17.30-19.45

Remote (90 min, 2022)
by Mika Rottenberg & Mahyad Tousi
The Cinema, floor 2

The film screening is followed by a talk between Mika Rottenberg, Mahyad Tousi and Moderna Museet curator Hendrik Folkerts.

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Spring 2022

Friday 25 february at 18–20.30

Mr. Dead & Mrs. Free (83 min, 1982)
by Squat Theatre (Budapest/New York City)
The Auditorium, floor 2

The film screening is followed by a conversation with the artist collective coyote about collective work as an artistic method.

Organised in collaboration with coyote and The Royal Institute of Art.

Sunday 13 march at 14-15.30

Dear Dancer (23 min, 2022)
by Marcus Lindeen (Paris/Stockholm)
The Auditorium, floor 2

The film screening is followed by a conversation with the film director.

Organised in collaboration with Cullberg and Tempo Documentary Festival.

Friday 25 march at 18-20

One Big Bag (40 min, 2021)
by Every Ocean Hughes (Stockholm)
The Auditorium, floor 2

The film screening is followed by a conversation with Every Ocean Hughes and Mason Leaver-Yap, curator.

The exhibition “Alive time” by Every Ocean Hughes takes place March 1 – April 17, 2022.

Saturday 23 april at 11–21

The Works and Days (of Tayoko Shiojiri in the Shiotani Basin) (480 min, 2020)
by Anders Edström och C.W. Winter (Stockholm/Oxford)
The Cinema, floor 2

The film is 8 hours long, three breaks are included in the film screening. The film directors will participate.

Friday 29 april at 18-20

Skinn & Lak (3 min, 2001) – Performance, video
Mr. Piano and Mrs. Pile (36 min, 2004) – Performance, video installation
Object Species (30 min, 2021) – Lecture-performance
by Egill Sæbjörnsson (Berlin/Reykjavík)
The Auditorium, floor 2

Friday 13 may at 18-20

Somniculus (14 min, 2017)
Petrified (13 min, 2016)
Water Blues (30 min, 2018) – Lecture-performance
by Ali Cherri (Beirut/Paris)
The Auditorium, floor 2

Organised in collaboration with MDT.

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About the Film Club

The Film Club resurrected in 2018 and presents films on the boundary between art and documentary. Often, the artist or director will take part in discussions after the screenings.

Film has had a prominent position at the Museum since the start. The Moderna Museet Film Club has existed since the Museum opened in 1958, showing everything from children’s matinees to the latest experimental art films.

During the 1990’s and early 2000’s the museum presented international artists in the series Contemporary Film and Video. Other screening have often been held in connection with exhibitions at the museum or in collaboration with The Royal Academy of Art, Filmform, Cinemateket, Tempo Documentary Film Festival, Cinemafrica, Stockholm’s Feminist Film Festival, among others.

The Film Club editorial team

Lena Essling, curator, Camilla Carlberg, curator.


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