girl with brush in her hand

The Workshop, 2023 Photo: Åsa Lundén/Moderna Museet

9.9 2023

Premiär för Museis!

Now we are opening up the museum even more for children and young people. In the fall of 2023, we are introducing a new concept; Museis – big art for the little ones! Moderna Museet Malmö wants to be a creative and playful place for young children and their adults. We explore art together based on the needs of the small child, with focus on the material and playfulness. Every other Tuesday we welcome children aged 1 – 3 years with their adults. In the Workshop, a creative activity is offered at each meeting. Together we explore art and the experience of art. We also offer a short guided tour where we see the exhibition through the child’s eyes. There will be space for both creativity and hanging out, time to have “mellis” and socializing with other children and adults. We offer tea and coffee. Two Art educators are always on site. Art educator in charge, Sofia Djerf says: – We know that for the age group 1 – 3 years there is not such a wide range of activities. We also want to create a lovely place to hang out and we want our creative workshop – Verkstan – to be able to function as such. And we get the chance to introduce art too, both to the adults and the children! It should be easy to get here, which is why drop-in and free entry applies to the child and an accompanying adult when participating in Museis. Museis is a new activity in the fall 2023, we are testing our way and developing the arrangement together with you participants. Welcome!