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Robert Ryman, Untitled, 1969 © Robert Ryman / Bildupphovsrätt 2018

16.2 2018

Twelve monochrome paintings donated

We have received a donation of 12 abstract paintings. The art works comes from the art collector and gallerist Claes Nordenhake’s private collection. All works are monochromes, or in other words, they concentrate on one colour.

You will be able to see all the paintings in Claes Nordenhake’s donation at the Museum later this year. This spring, however, you can already see Olle Bærtling’s Dynamique Noir Bleu in connection with the exhibition Concrete Matters, featuring Latin American concrete and neo-concrete art. Claes Nordenhake is an art collector who has also been a gallerist since 1976 in Malmö, followed by Stockholm and Berlin,

“Claes Nordenhake is an unusual collector. He noted that visitors stopped coming to his gallery in the 1980s because they felt all the works looked the same. Today, we can see that his eye for the miniscule differences is what has made his own collection so remarkable. His donation is of great philosophical value and documents a moment in the history of painting in a very precise way,” says Daniel Birnbaum, director of Moderna Museet.

The donation is a substantial boost to the collection, since it consists mainly of paintings by artists who were not previously represented at Moderna Museet.

“We are extremely pleased to be able to present modern classics such as the American artist Robert Ryman to future visitors. Marcia Hafif’s work is another exciting enhancement to our collection. And the almost monochrome painting by Olle Bærtling is a true gem,” says Ann-Sofi Noring, co-director of Moderna Museet.

Donated works

Olle Bærtling, Dynamique Noir Bleu, 1954, oil on canvas

Stefan Baumkötter, O.T., 1997, oil paintstick on canvas

Alan Charlton, Two part corner painting, 1989, acrylic on canvas

Marcia Hafif, Transparent Painting: Ultramarine Blue, 1982, oil on canvas

Joseph Marioni, Painting No #7, 1983, acrylic on canvas

Ingo Meller, Untitled, 2005, oil on canvas

Robert Ryman, Untitled, 1969, oil on fiberglass

Phil Sims, RGBY (Red) and RGBY (Green), 1983, oil on canvas

Frederic Matys Thursz, Vermilion II, 1983, oil on canvas

Alan Uglow, Standard III, 1993, acrylic on canvas

Günter Umberg, Ohne Titel, 1975, poliment, pigment and damar on wood

Magnus Wallin, Are you in pain… Not anymore, 2016, blood powder, acryl on aluminium

Published 16 February 2018 · Updated 16 February 2018