Digital video: Moss

Oscar Furbacken , Close studies of Rome, 2017 Bildupphovsrätt 2022

23.9 2022

Oscar Furbacken’s “Close Studies of Rome”

Throughout the autumn 2022 you can see Oscar Furbacken’s video work “Close Studies of Rome” (2017) in Moderna Museet’s Mini Cinema. The work is just one of a total of 373 new acquisitions that constitute the museum’s extensive project “Swedish Acquisitions 2021.”

Through sculpture, video films and installations Oscar Furbacken (born 1980) frequently focuses on issues relating to the uncertainty of humankind’s fragile relation to the world around us. Which habitats will remain, and which will be lost? What are the criteria on which a civilisation depends?

In “Close Studies of Rome” (7:23 min, loop) Furbacken immerses the viewer in the world of Classical Rome’s sculptures and stonework, which is populated by primordial species of lichen, mosses and chasmophytes. Here, in the cracks between nature and culture, in the gaps between now and then, Furbacken’s probing and all-seeing camera reveals the indomitable resilience and energy of life.

The video is the third film in the artist’s ongoing project “Urban Microhabitats”, which investigates scale, perception and the effects of time in the micro-landscapes that surround us.

 Red plants against blue sky/background
Oscar Furbacken, Close studies of Rome, 2017 Bildupphovsrätt 2022

Published 23 September 2022 · Updated 23 February 2024