Not Your Bitch (video still)

United Colors of Bitchaton, Not Your Bitch (video still), 2014. Digital video, 02:57 min, featuring: Roxy Farhat, Sarah Cromarty, DRE, Eden Batki © United Colors of Bitchaton

1.7 2020

Not Your Bitch in the Mini Cinema

United Colors of Bitchaton is an artist run, Los Angeles and Stockholm based music project. Their hip hop delivers a sharp feminist message with ruthless sarcasm and playful kitsch. See ”Not Your Bitch” (2014) in the Mini Cinema on 16 June to 1 October, 2020. United Colors of Bitchaton’s video is a new acquisition to the Moderna Museet collection.

The links to the West Coast bling and gangsta rap are obvious in ”Not Your Bitch” (2014), as is the affiliation to a visual culture that borrows, combines and generates new content in a blazing flow.

One of the founders of United Colors of Bitchaton is Swedish artist Roxy Farhat. In her videos and performances she revisits a critique of the patriarchal, capitalist social order, occasionally appropriating the generic styles and dramaturgy of corporate presentations, as in the fictive consulting firm Minimal Competence. In earlier works, she processes subjects such as exile and assimilation, sometimes drawing on the experiences of her own family.

United Colors of Bitchaton, Not Your Bitch, 2014
Digital video, 02:57 min
Featuring: Roxy Farhat, Sarah Cromarty, DRE, Eden Batki
Cinematographer: Mariah Garnett

The Mini Cinema is on floor 2

Map of Moderna Museet with the Mini Cinema marked in purple.

Published 1 July 2020 · Updated 1 July 2020