eme emauto

Karolina Erlingsson , eme emauto, 2010 © Karolina Erlingsson

Karolina Erlingsson

eme emauto: the title of Karolina Erlingsson’s work refers to the Socratic/Platonic idea that thought is the self’s silent discussion with itself. A simple yet revolutionary notion, implying that the thinking self is divided, that its self-presence is fragmented, that the self is inhabited by the parties of a dialogue.

Erlingsson appears to strive for the enactment of such a silent, fragmented presence, and to turn it into a figure representing the relationship between the work of art and its viewer. eme emauto exists in multiple versions. The original version consists mainly of a film showing an empty stage, in a continuous take with a stationary camera. The three soundtracks to the film reproduce the ambient sounds of the empty space.

The only noticeable development is in the dreamy, fragmented text shown in a display above the stage. The most recent version of the work consists of a performance in which Erlingsson herself recites and enacts the text, which consists of simple instructions and short phrases that are repeated and permutated like echoes: “hide / hide and forget / forget / forget body / forget body that lies / that lies / lies / lies and fell / fell”. The words suggest rather than tell a story, as though begging to be completed by the actors absent from the stage or the potential viewers of the performance – just as the self can only become itself when reality intrudes on the inner dialogue of the mind and opens it up to the outer, the others.

Karolina Erlingsson

Born 1980 in Simlångsdalen
Lives and works in Malmö


2003–2008 Konsthögskolan i Malmö/Malmö Art Academy, Malmö
2007 Escóla de Artes Visuais, Lissabon/Lisbon [PT]
2000–2002 Gerlesborgsskolan i Bohuslän, Bohuslän
1999–2000 Halmstad Högskola, Halmstad

Selected solo exhibitions

2009 Scenario, Abandoned Gallery, Malmö
2008 Eme emauto, Gallery KHM, Malmö

Selected group exhibitions

2010 Gråzoner, Ystad Konstmuseum, Ystad
2010 Presences-perspectives-positions, Stadsgalleriet, Halmstad
2009 MKH, Galleri Arnstedt, Östra Karup

Selected bibliography

3+3 (utst.kat./exh. cat.), Ahrenshoop, 2010

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