Cloud to Be, installation with stone, plaster, aluminium foam, steel, painted nylon

Eva Löfdahl, Cloud to Be, 2005–09 © Eva Löfdahl

Eva Löfdahl

Eva Löfdahl candidly reveals the materials she uses in her sculptures. One example is the insulating aluminium foam she chose for her work Cloud to Be (2005–09). A number of rectangular shapes are lined up on the wall. From their volumes several drills are suspended – some real and some unreal. The occasional shape has no appendages. Some are cast in plaster with an arrangement of fairly ordinary stones on top.

The density of the sculpture group should really be in direct opposition to its subtle figuration. The terse jaggedness of the objects bears very little resemblance to atmospheric phenomena. And yet, the sculpture group does have a visual correlation. The objects somehow remind us of clouds – full of rain and thunder. Their physical weight labours with a compact fragility. As so often in Löfdahl’s work, the intense poignancy of the form embraces an enigmatic matter-of-factness.

Are these objects really specific representations? The English title undeniably suggests this. But Eva Löfdahl’s work aims less at a direct reading and more at recognising certain traits. The sculpture’s composite materiality serves as a catalyst for the situation. The eye follows the spiralling lines of the drills and the aim of the small metal wall mounts. Like outstretched arms, they hold the objects out slightly from the background. The sculpture proffers itself like a future offer.

Eva Löfdahl

Born 1953 in Gothenburg
Lives and works in Stockholm

Selected solo exhibitions

2009 π och Omkring, Lunds konsthall, Lund
2002 Interbreeding Classified, Moderna Museet, Stockholm
1993 Eva Löfdahl, Norrköpings Konstmuseum, Galleri F 15, Moss [NO], Borås Konstmuseum

Selected group exhibitions

1995 Nordiska Paviljongen/Nordic Pavilion, Biennale di Venezia, Venedig/Venice [IT]
1995 ARS 95, Kiasma, Helsingfors/Helsinki [FI]
1993 Cocido y Crudo, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reinia Sofia, Madrid [ES]

Selected bibliography

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