Matti Kallioinen, The Proximity to the Unattainable, 2004 Video installation. Courtesy the artist & Milliken.

Matti Kallioinen

Matti Kallioinen’s art has a slightly absurd air. A figure that has accompanied Kallioinen on several of his performances is “Junior,” a bizarre creature with its creator’s features, and with all its extremities concealed beneath the floor on occasion, leaving only the head to perform in collaboration with the audience.

“Junior” appears in various settings depending on his different assignments and is often very childish and naïve. The performances never take place without the appropriate “set”; sometimes this is made up of an intricate mixture of video, light, sound, cardboard and music in a Wunderkammer setting.

In 2002 Kallioinen produced a music CD, Koncentrerad saft (Concentrated Juice) made up of electronic pop songs. Using the songs from the CD, he has performed on stage with members of his family in various art and music venues. Kallioinen himself is a particularly playful artist, juggling with notions of fiction and reality, in a way that repudiates the boundaries between art and slapstick, between high-brow and low and between art and unfettered play.

Matti Kallioinen

Born 1974 in Uppsala. Lives and works in Stockholm.


University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm

Selected solo exhibitions

The Story about Grandpa, The Bed, Beijing [CN]

Riddarna af Kallioinia, Moderna Museet, Stockholm

Koncentrerad saft, Sparwasser HQ, Berlin [DE]

Selected group exhibitions

With us Against Reality, or Against us, Willy Wonka Inc, Oslo [NO]

ROHTO, Manege, Saint Petersburg [RU]

Small Brother, National Gallery of Albania, Tirana [AL]

Selected bibliography

Geist, # 7/2005. Mars, # 2. Black Box, # 1.

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